Green Tea - Botanical Medicine for Summer WellnessThe summer season brings lots of outdoor opportunities. Whether it’s hiking through the forest, relaxing by the water, or enjoying a barbecue with friends and family it is a season full of activity.

In addition to a weekly acupuncture protocol to keep you running at full capacity, there are a variety of herbal remedies that assist in utilizing energy as well as offering protection against the elements and pests.

You just may be surprised at the effectiveness of botanical medicine for summer wellness.

Sun Protection with Green Tea and Botanical Oils

Summer sunscreen is essential, however choosing a brand with as many natural ingredients as possible is just as important. The more chemical, the contents the more it washes off you and leaches into oceans, lakes, rivers and even the water table. Green tea and botanical oils may be a good choice.

Green Tea

Full of antioxidants, green tea has been a health staple for centuries. It can also be used to protect you from sunburn. In a 2003 study by researchers at the Department of Dermatology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, it was found that,

“Topical application of GTP (green tea polyphenols) prior to exposure of UVB (ultraviolet short waves) protects against UVB-induced local as well as systemic immune suppression in laboratory animals, which was associated with the inhibition of UVB-induced infiltration of inflammatory leukocytes.”

Drinking green tea helps reduce inflammation and boost your immune system while applying it topically could act as a natural sunscreen.

Botanical Oils

There are a variety of botanical oils that can be applied for 20-30% sun protection as well as enhance skin health. Some of these include:

  • Carrot Seed Oil – A 2009 study in Pharmacognosy Magazine reported that natural sunscreen products containing carrot seed oil have an SPF of 38-40.
  • Red Raspberry Seed Oil – Considered to have 25-50 SPF protection, red raspberry seed oil contains omega-3/6 and vitamins A/E, 4 essential skin protection compounds.
  • Coconut Oil – Although coconut oil only comes in at an 8 SPF it is an excellent carrier oil that can be mixed with others as well as moisturizing after-sun protection for your skin.
  • Almond Oil – Almond oil is another good adjunct to more powerful protectants and also rejuvenates the skin post sun.

In addition, aloe vera gel applied to sunburn (especially if cold from being kept in the refrigerator) has been linked to significantly relieving pain and assisting in rapid healing.

Energy and Stamina

If you are really taking summer by the tail, chances are you will welcome an energy boost. Add in the potential for a romantic summer evening and herbal stamina boosters might also be your friend.

Under the guidance of a naturopathic doctor, increasing energy and stamina with specific herbs could enhance your summer activity, tenfold. These are some of the key botanical players that might get your heart pumping and your brain cells firing more than conventional fixes.

Siberian Ginseng – According to an 8 week, 2000 mg per day protocol, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial of cancer patient fatigue by Mayo Clinic researchers,

“ginseng showed a statistically and clinically significant difference in their levels of fatigue compared to those taking the placebo.”

Maca – Derived from the root of the plant, maca has been linked to stimulating the hypothalamus and pituitary gland to balance the production of hormones from the adrenal, pancreas, thyroid, ovarian and testicular glands. This contributes to enhanced energy and stamina.

Astragalus – This is an herb capable of working as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial. It is a triple play that inevitably plays a role in more energy as well as stamina output.

Stinging Nettle – German pharmacists showed how nettle was able to increase iron absorption in the blood. Published in the journal Zeitschrift Fur Phytotherapie, by increasing iron, nettle created more oxygen which increased energy as well as blood circulation to the appendages and genitals.

Ashwagandha – Sometimes referred to as the Indian ginseng, the World Journal of Medical Sciences published a study in 2009 showing that ashwagandha increases the myocardial energy substrate, which is the energy that allows the healthy functioning of the heart, thus, preventing heart failure.

Tick Repellent

All it takes is one tick to attach to your skin and burrow deep for you to experience some detrimental effects long after contact. The most common is Lyme Disease (named after Lyme Connecticut when an outbreak of tick related symptoms occurred) as it attacks your joints and other systemic functions. In addition to wearing long sleeves, long pants and high socks

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention actual recommends and explains various herbs you can use as tick repellents.

  • Essential oils from rosemary, lemongrass, thyme, and geraniol plants
  • Essential oils from Alaska yellow cedar trees
  • Essential oil from leaves and stems of the wild tomato plant, Lycopersicon hirsutum

These are some examples of the many botanical medicine for summer wellness remedies and preventative remedies. At Integrative Med Solutions, we will design an acupuncture and naturopathic treatment program that works for you. In many cases, insurance covers portions of the acupuncture treatment. Allow us to support you to achieve optimal health.  To make an appointment or find out more about how acupuncture and naturopathic medicine can benefit you, please call our office at 914.337.2980 or CLICK HERE to schedule an online appointment.

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