Dr. Fred Lisanti is a warm, lively soul. This naturopathic doctor (CT licensed naturopathic physician) and licensed acupuncturist is committed to raising your consciousness with education and insightful feedback. Dr. Lisanti attended the oldest naturopathic college in North America, NUNM (The National University of Natural Medicine) for six years in Portland, Oregon which culminated in his pursuit of a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a Masters of Science degree in Chinese medicine.

As well, he is trained in the fields of clinical hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic programming.) An extensively trained master healer, this professional knows the difference between knowledge and wisdom and understands how they feed each other. As part of his medical schooling, Dr. Lisanti studied in Nepal and Amazonian Brazil where he did extensive research on botanical medicine and traditional healing methods. He worked closely with regional ethno-botanists and local shamans.

Always interested in servicing community needs, Dr. Lisanti also completed two years of international healthcare relief for tsunami victims in India and domestic service for underprivileged rural communities in the Pacific Northwest. With an eclectic combination of naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, hypnosis, bodywork, movement, and lifestyle counseling, Dr. Lisanti taps into each person’s full potential for optimal health.

“I feel very lucky that in Dr. Lisanti, I found such a highly trained and caring practitioner. I would not hesitate at all to recommend him.” – – M.G., Communications Director