Experience 21st Century Healthcare, Integrating Cutting Edge Natural Science with Ageless Healing Arts.

Welcome to Integrative Med Solutions® (IMS), an advanced natural medicine clinic where health, vitality and wholeness awaits you. Here you’ll find modern, custom developed healthcare based on a synthesis between ancient healing arts and cutting edge natural medicine.

Central to our technique is Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture, proven systems that are transforming health care with empirically tested treatments for a wide range of health conditions.

Integrative Med Solutions® combines refined medicinal knowledge with an attuned ability to listen, empathize and offer compassion to every patient. We believe that until we clearly understand, from the inside, what is going on with you, we cannot treat your unique system with confidence. We offer a variety of safe, fully-integrated and effective healing therapies and modalities. Our approach respects the specific needs of an individual while treating the whole person to improve overall quality of life in all areas. We see human beings as beautiful & intricate networks of energy and information, dancing as a collective body, spirit, mind and emotion.

It’s with the intention of inspiration and integrity that our highly trained doctor creates customized health plans that synergize the best of healing arts with contemporary natural medical science. By inviting our wisdom and expertise into your life, you permit the natural healing intelligence of your body’s system to manifest. We are excited to be at the leading edge of an emerging world view that accepts nature as a health ally. At IMS, our mission seeks to generate the kinds of balanced internal environments that leads your being into an optimum state of aliveness which only then can attract a more balanced external environment in one’s life.