Homeopathy and Botanical Medicine for Hemorrhoid ReliefIt is an affliction that many have experienced but few discuss. According to the National Institutes of Health, hemorrhoids affect approximately 75% of people at one time or another throughout their life. Interestingly, in 2012, Google reported that it was the number one health issue searched online.

Hemorrhoids are the bulging, swelling and inflammation of enlarged blood vessels within the lining of the anus and rectum similar to varicose veins. They are the result of a combination of causes including:

  • Low fiber diet
  • Continued consumption of processed foods including white sugar and white flour
  • Lack of proper hydration
  • Inactivity
  • Bowel movement straining
  • Chronic diarrhea or constipation
  • Pregnancy

Conventional medicine attempts to remedy hemorrhoids through oral and/or topical anti-inflammatory medicine, stool softeners and in some cases even surgery. These approaches are good quick fixes however homeopathy and botanical medicine work with the vibration of each individual’s constitution (physical, mental, emotional make up) rather than just their symptoms. This vibration is considered, in Classical Chinese Medicine and many other healing practices, to be life energy that thrives throughout the body but when it is stagnant or even stuck, the body can suffer.

Homeopathy is the practice of like-cures-like, using highly diluted natural materials to snuff out parallel symptomatic scenarios and botanical medicine is the practice of bringing the body back to harmony through herbs, plants and plant extracts. These have the potential to realign this wayward energy helping the body heal itself. If applied through the guidance of a naturopathic doctor there can be positive results.

Targeting a Specific Feeling
Because hemorrhoids manifest in such an evasive area, self-palpitation can result in a variety of vivid feelings. One may experience the feeling of a protruding stick or marble along with itching, burning and bleeding to name a few. Homeopathy wholly depends on detailed descriptions of anything from skin color, tongue coating and pulse to the sound of the voice, sleep habits and even ‘feelings’ to guide the correct remedy to its specific target. Below are a few examples of hemorrhoid pain descriptions and homeopathic remedies that could be used to treat the specific symptoms they themselves would cause if ingested in their original state. Like-cures-like aka The Law of Similars:

Protrudes like a “bunch of grapes” – This description would call for the homeopathic remedy aloe. It derives from the aloe plant which is sometimes used as a topical remedy for skin burns. Other presentations are being soothed by a cold compress, as well as flatulence and diarrhea.

Sore and bruised – Some may have the sensation one gets when they bang into something, develop a black and blue bruise (hematoma) and when touched there is tender, sore pain. Arnica Montana, prepared from a flowering plant similar to daisies, is the remedy for bruising and can help hemorrhoids that present this feeling. Hemorrhoids with a sore bruised feeling can be associated with the result of recent heavy lifting or exertion.

Stabbing or sticking pain – A sensitive, emotional person and the feeling of spasms and stabbing in the rectum are just the combination for the homeopathic remedy ignatia (prepared from the bean of the St. Ignatius tree). Bleeding and rectal prolapse can also accompany the presentation for this remedy.

Feels like a “lump or small sharp poking sticks” – Low back problems and sharp shooting pains feeling like poking sticks or lumps in the rectum call for the remedy Aesculus hippocastanum aka horse chestnut. In addition, the hemorrhoids feel swollen, sore and achy with pain lasting for hours following a bowel movement.

Burning, itching, cracking – This description can often come from someone who is overweight, has difficulty concentrating and has a propensity for random skin eruptions. The mineral graphite  is prepared into a homeopathic remedy that often remedies this description of sore, itching, cracking hemorrhoids.

The administering of these and many other possible homeopathic remedies for hemorrhoid relief is a unique, specific, and detailed practice only capable of its full healing effects through the guidance of a naturopathic doctor trained in homeopathy. Self dosing is not recommended.

Taken from the Earth
Botanical medicine can be traced back thousands of years throughout almost every culture on the planet. Using herbs, plants and plant extracts to remedy everything and anything were the pharmaceuticals handed out by shamans, medicine men, seers and so many other healing practitioners trained by their elders in the healing powers of the earth. Today, these healers go by the title of holistic, naturopathic and alternative with many additionally trained in the scientific effectiveness along with essential contraindication safety of botanicals. These are a small example of the many plant remedies for hemorrhoid relief that must be taken under professional guidance:

Aloe Vera Juice – The homeopathic remedy from this same source can be used in conjunction with the ingestion of the pure, organic, juice from this plant as well. It assists in relieving the burning and itching associated with hemorrhoids. Some even recommend using aloe vera gel as a topical application as well.

Butcher’s Broom– Similar to the asparagus plant butcher’s broom has pine-tipped leaves that are ground up and taken orally. It has been used to treat varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency and arteriosclerosis by strengthening vein walls which is exactly the remedy needed for the vein weakness associated with hemorrhoids.

Bromelain – Found in the tubelike center of the pineapple, bromelain is a protein-digesting enzyme that when taken on an empty stomach is capable of reducing inflammation associated with hemorrhoids (as well as other areas such as the joints). Bromelain has also been attributed to the reduction of blood clotting which is often associated with more severe hemorrhoid cases.

Styphnolobium – The flowers and buds from this Japanese pagoda tree can be used as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory oral remedy. This remedy is especially capable of contraindication and must be administered by a professional.

Ointments – Herbal ointments can be embraced by the body rather than deal with chemically enhanced over-the-counter or pharmaceutical choices with a variety of unnecessary fillers and toxins. Some of these include ointments derived from:

  • Comfrey
  • Horse chestnut
  • Yarrow
  • Pilewort
  • Witch Hazel

Homeopathy and botanical medicine can be an excellent alternative to conventional medicine helping not only with assisting relief but also working as a preventative approach as well. In addition, maintaining about 25-35 grams per day of fiber, particularly through fruit and vegetable consumption, and plenty of clean, filtered water is a good recipe to avoid hemorrhoid suffering.

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