Acupuncture and Naturopathic Medicine for DiabetesThere are three main categories of diabetes: Type 1 – Lack of sufficient insulin production, with injected insulin required. Type 2 – Insulin resistance or a complete deficiency controlled by medication. Gestational – Diabetes developed in an otherwise healthy pregnant woman that may or may not manifest as type 2 diabetes or dissipates after giving birth. Other forms of diabetes are not as prevalent. If diabetes goes untreated serious ramifications can present such as hypoglycemia, diabetic coma, chronic renal failure and cardiovascular disease. Aside from a lifelong dependence of insulin or medication much success in combating diabetes has been found through diet adjustment and exercise. In addition, acupuncture and naturopathic medicine at Integrative Med Solutions (IMS) could prove highly useful if you are suffering from diabetes.

Acupuncture: Needling to Reduce Diabetes Symptoms
Diabetes has been around for thousands of years. In a description in the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic from about 100 BC, the term ‘xiao ke’ has been translated as a form of diabetes. Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) approaches diabetes as depletion of body fluids due to excess heat which also results in a loss of Qi (life energy). Dr. Lisanti, licensed acupuncturist, uses acupuncture points to increase pancreatic output; strengthen the pancreas; and reduce painful neuropathy associated with the disease. Points that may be targeted are BL18 & 20, ST25, SP8, LI11 and GB9.

Botanical Medicine: Diabetic Relief through Nature’s Medication
American ginseng has been shown to improve glucose tolerance; bitter melon may lower blood glucose; fenugreek seeds regulate glucose and improve lipid levels; gymnema may detect sweet tastes; and cinnamon could reduce glucose, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol. These botanical medicines can safely and often effectively be administered by IMS for your individual diabetes treatment.

Clinical Nutrition: Eating for Diabetic Healing
Adjusting your diet is essential for reducing diabetes symptoms. Dr. Lisanti can teach you how to choose specific foods to take control of your disease. Eat healthy carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes); heart healthy fish (salmon, cod, tuna, mackerel); good ‘monounsaturated & polyunsaturated’ fats (avocados, almonds, pecans, walnuts, oils of canola, olive and peanut). Avoid saturated fats, trans fats, high cholesterol and sodium.

Nutraceutical Supplementation: Important Supplements for Diabetes
In addition to a diabetes diet, incorporating nutraceutical supplementation is just as vital. IMS can offer a variety of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids to assist in combating your disease. These include: chromium, magnesium, fiber (psyllium), vanadium (essential trace mineral that mimics insulin) and beta-glucan.

Homeopathy: Vibration Diabetes Remedy
A 2009 study from Belladona Medical Association in Milan, Italy concluded homeopathy for a diabetes remedy as, “Complementary homeopathic therapy of diabetic neuropathy was feasible and promising effects in symptom scores and cost savings were observed.” Dr. Lisanti uses homeopathy in conjunction with other remedies geared toward your particular health history. Some remedies used include: Nux vomica, Syzygium jambolanum, Kali carb and Antim crude.

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