Acupuncture for TendonitisTendonitis
Tendonitis can occur almost anywhere a tendon is present however the most commonly affected areas are the elbow, shoulder, wrist and heel (Achilles tendon).

Pain can range from tenderness near or around the joint, something that worsens with movement or activity or presents at night interrupting sleep.

The facility at IMS is equipped to deal with tendonitis by managing and hopefully significantly reducing these symptoms to enable you to continue enjoying your daily routine.

Acupuncture; and naturopathic medicine use approaches that can naturally reduce inflammation, increase range of motion and reset the system into a more optimal healing mode.

Congested blood and qi (chee – life energy force) are often the result of such challenges as tendonitis. By administering several sessions of acupuncture treatments Dr. Lisanti can regenerate and release stagnation or blockages by painlessly directing hair-thin needles into a specific, century’s old map of body points. It can be by targeting the actual site of pain or correlating areas contributing to the pain. Overall, it is usually a relaxing experience that can sometimes generate immediate, positive results. Another approach is by strengthening or relieving relating organs where in the case of tendonitis would often be the liver and its unique functions according to classical Chinese medicine. It is medically proven therapy that can very well surprise you with its safe, successful application.

Botanical Medicine
Herbs from a variety of plant life prepared in tinctures, teas or capsules can often be applied to symptoms of tendonitis. These natural remedies, when formulated through IMS, are capable of reducing inflammation just as well as prescription medication but with no side effects. In addition, specific herbs can strengthen such organs as the aforementioned liver by enhancing its depleted energy or by detoxifying it and allowing a type of, ‘re-setting’, to occur.

Nutraceutical Supplementation
This is another therapy that may be applied alongside acupuncture, botanical medicine and other remedies IMS has to offer. Dr. Lisanti will assess your particular tendonitis challenge and then apply vitamin, plant, mineral, enzyme or sometimes substances derived from animals to alleviate such symptoms. He will carefully prescribe intricately measured dosages that will in no way contraindicate with any medications you may be currently taking for tendonitis or other ailments.