Prostate ConditionsThe prostate is a gland about the size of a walnut located at the base of the bladder between the penis and the rectum. The urethra runs through the center of the prostate allowing urine to flow. When the prostate performs its function it secretes fluid into the urethra that nourishes and protects sperm from vaginal acidity so it can swim to fertilize the egg. As men mature into their forties and fifties the prostate has a tendency to grow which can cause pain. Conventional medicine will often prescribe powerful antibiotics for prostatitis and alpha blocker/inhibitor medication or surgery for BPH. Prostate cancer requires hormone therapy, radiation, cryotherapy and/or surgery. Integrative Med Solutions (IMS) can help avoid and or manage your prostate condition. By using acupuncture and naturopathic medicine, a healthy prostate could be attained throughout your life by enhancing energy flow, essential nutrition and deep level vibration movement.

Acupuncture: Keeping the Prostate Healthy

According to a Johns Hopkins Health Alert, a study published in The American Journal of Medicine reported that, “patients treated with acupuncture were more than twice as likely as the men given the inactive treatment to experience long-term prostatitis relief.” Licensed acupuncturist, Dr. Lisanti will treat your prostatitis, BPH or offer a preventative protocol using various acupuncture points. These points attempt to tonify the prostate by increasing blood and energy flow creating deep healing for bacterial and non-bacterial symptoms. Some points are: Kidney (KI3) located on the inside rear of each foot just above the ankle; Liver (LR2) located on the top of the foot between the first and second toes or Stomach (ST25) just lateral to the umbilicus.

Homeopathy: Deep Level ‘Vibrational’ Healing

Homeopathy works by using safe, highly diluted remedies derived from natural compounds that possess similar symptoms to a particular condition or disease. It works almost similar to starting a controlled fire to burn-out a wild forest fire. IMS can assist your prostate condition by first performing an in-depth interview to determine your specific symptoms. Then using remedies with names like: thuja occidentalis, baryta-carb, selenium, caladium and carbonica, Dr. Lisanti will monitor your improvement adjusting your dose if needed.

Botanical Medicine: Herbs and More for the Prostate

There are a wide variety of herbal and plant remedies that are capable of addressing prostate conditions. Because contraindications are possible it is recommended that you follow the specific instructions of Dr. Lisanti for safe effective treatment. Some herbs that may present significant promise in reducing bacteria as well as swelling of the prostate are: saw palmetto, bearberry a/k/a uva ursi, slippery elm, bee pollen (technically not an herb but it is derived from plants) and burdock root.

IMS offers many other remedy tools using traditional and Classical Chinese Medicine that incorporate clinical nutrition, environmental medicine and more. At Integrative Med Solutions, we will design an acupuncture and naturopathic treatment program that works for you.  In many cases, insurance covers portions of the acupuncture treatment. Allow us to support you to achieve optimal health.  To make an appointment or find out more about how acupuncture and naturopathic medicine can benefit you, please call our office at 914.337.2980 or click here to schedule an online appointment.

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