Herbs and Acupuncture for BronchitisHerbs and Acupuncture for Bronchitis

Bronchitis often develops in the sinuses, nose and throat eventually moving into the lungs which can create a more serious scenario such as pneumonia. An acute or short-term struggle with bronchitis is usually gone within a week or two however a cough can linger.

Chronic or long-term bronchitis is diagnosed as having a cough most days for at least three months often accompanied by excessive mucus.  Conventional medicine, acting on the symptoms of bronchitis, will prescribe such medicines as antibiotics, cough suppressants, steroidal pills and/or inhalers. Acupuncture and naturopathic medicine approach bronchitis from the inside out looking for the root cause that, when found, can be re-adjusted into a healing regiment.

Acupuncture: One Breath at a Time
In addition to pneumonia, bronchitis can lead to other, more severe conditions such as chronic bronchial asthma. Acupuncture has a highly beneficial effect on these long term struggles as well as acute conditions especially when seasonally related. A study entitled “Immediate anti-asthmatic effect of acupuncture in 192 cases of bronchial asthma” by Zang published in J Tradit Chin Med June 1990 found that in 192 cases of bronchial asthma treated by acupuncture proved an immediate total effective rate of 98.8% with the rate of clinical remission at a marked improvement of 76.5%.  At Integrated Med Solutions (IMS), naturopathic doctor and licensed acupuncturist, Dr. Lisanti, will determine the best approach according to your specific bronchial challenge.

Botanical Medicine: Herbs for Bronchitis
IMS works with a stable of in-house and/or suggested Classical Chinese as well as traditional herbal remedies for bronchitis. Under the watchful eye of Dr. Lisanti with his knowledge of conventional medical prescriptions and how they can react with these herbal choices, each patient will be safely treated. Herbs and other plant botanicals that may be used could include:   Marshmallow root (Althea officinalis), Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica), Pleurisy root (Aclepias tuberose) and Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale).

Clinical Nutrition: Medicinal Eating
Certain foods can soothe or exacerbate bronchial symptoms. IMS offers an individualized clinical nutrition program to assist in a full spectrum healing protocol.

Particular foods and their restorative or degenerative properties feature:

  • Grapes and honey – This fruit acts as a natural expectorant. When mixed with honey it can also soothe a persistent cough associated with bronchitis.
  • Dairy – Avoiding dairy when your body is struggling with bronchitis helps keep the respiratory and gastrointestinal lining clear of any unnecessary mucus.
  • Fruits and Vegetables – By increasing a diet low on the food chain will decrease extra digestive taxing on the system. Much needed nutrients such as vitamin C, A as well as zinc will be able to thrive through your system, assist in reducing inflammation and healing this condition.
  • Processed Foods – White flour, sugar and packaged, canned foods all tax the system due to their detrimental properties when attempted to be broken down by the body. Avoiding these foods and eating fresh, whole food choices will enable the immune system to work at optimal levels.

These are some of the many remedies that Dr. Lisanti and IMS can offer for bronchitis. Other approaches include homeopathy, nutraceutical supplementation, environmental medicine and detoxification.  At Integrative Med Solutions, we will design an acupuncture and naturopathic treatment program that works for you.  In many cases, insurance covers portions of the acupuncture treatment. Allow us to support you to achieve optimal health.  To make an appointment or find out more about how acupuncture and naturopathic medicine can benefit you, please call our office at 914.337.2980 or click here to schedule an online appointment.

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