Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)
Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)Dr. Lisanti approaches carpal tunnel syndrome by using several different methods including acupuncture; and naturopathic medicine such as nutraceutical supplementation and clinical nutrition. After several treatments of one or more of these individually designed formulas, your wrist, arm or elbow pain could be decreased or eliminated altogether.

Many people suffer from CTS pain due to computer work, swinging a hammer or more obscure causes such as pregnancy and type-two diabetes. The median nerve, which runs through the carpal tunnel to supply feeling to the hand and fingers, becomes impinged by an inflammatory response to overuse, body chemistry or trauma. Pain resonates from the wrist, to the elbow, hand and into the fingers. At times, the pain can become so unbearable that some have reported feeling as if they wanted to “cut their arm off”. With no other choice available, those afflicted often turn to surgery. A surgeon will slice a portion of the carpal tunnel wall to release the nerve, reduce inflammation and relieve the pain. This, however, can create scar tissue which can sometimes cause future issues, as well as unnecessary exposure to anesthesia.

Acupuncture will safely manipulate specific body points to relieve what is causing the carpal tunnel to inflame. Some points that may be targeted could include the front of the ankle, near the wrist and thumb, outside of the neck near the collar bone, middle of the inside wrist and the thumb side of the tip of the index finger. With these points open, essential energy can flow again dissipating prior pain.

Nutraceutical Supplements: Vitamins, Herbs and Enzymes

Oddly enough carpal tunnel syndrome has been associated with specific nutritional deficiencies. Under the supervision of IMS, nutraceutical supplementation can create some very beneficial results. Certain vitamins specifically prescribed by Dr. Lisanti, have been linked to encouraging neural pathways and neurotransmitter synthesis. According to a CTS report by researchers Kasden and James, “…in the 494 patients whose treatment included vitamin B6, the rate of symptom alleviation was much higher (68%) than among patients who did not receive vitamin B6 (14.3%)” Note: Pickles and other foods containing yellow dye #5 as well as oral contraceptives have all been associated with depriving the body of vitamin B6. Also, CTS sufferers should abstain from red meat as it is connected to joint inflammation.