Acupuncture for Back PainBack Pain
It is a nagging sometimes debilitating experience when back pain arises. Often, medication and sometimes even surgery, only dulls this chronic condition. Using the resources that IMS offers, mainly acupuncture and naturopathic medicine, you just may be able to take control of this challenge and increase the quality of your life. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, 31 million Americans experience lower back pain at any given time.

Although lower back pain is one of the most common affected areas, the middle and upper back come in close second. Dr. Lisanti’s experience with this common, yet unique challenge has been successful on many fronts. Using particular remedies and formulaic therapies that IMS offers you can eventually enjoy again such activities as climbing stairs, performing at your job and keeping up with children at reduced or eliminated pain.

Probably one of the most successful therapies around the globe, acupuncture has been successfully used and studied for back pain for thousands of years. Dr. Lisanti, a trained, licensed acupuncturist will aim to hone in on meridians or lines of energy running throughout your body that could be blocked. Acupuncture opens these areas allowing energy or qi (pronounced ‘chee’) to thrive. However, target points may not always be at the area of pain. Often times, ground zero for back pain can be in the groin, neck or legs. In addition, pain management can include point locations on the ears, hands and feet.

Homeopathy: Vibration Therapy
By using the distinctive influence of the harnessed vibration of organic materials, homeopathy is a maintenance tool for back pain that has had beneficial, historical success. Dr. Lisanti will assess and prescribe the exact dosage of remedies to compliment acupuncture treatments or use alone. In many cases, back pain responds to homeopathy more than any other treatment.

Weight Reduction
Many of us feel as though we could reduce a few pounds. When back pain nags it could very well be due to our weight gain. IMS can create a specific plan, including botanical medicine and nutraceutical supplementation, to encourage a more manageable and ideal weight that fits your body type. When your musculoskeletal system is not as taxed, back pain as well as peripheral afflictions can subside.