Athletic Performance Enhancement
Athletic Performance EnhancementRecently, performance enhancement has been associated with the abuse of prescription drugs such as steroids and human growth hormones in many genres of the sports world. Using these dangerous combinations can initially help an athlete’s talent but will negatively affect the kidneys, liver and other vital organs including the brain. Mood can be altered and sometimes even facial appearance changes. At Integrative Med Solutions (IMS) an individual program can be set up to reduce sports injuries, increase stamina, enhance muscle and strengthen your overall system. By using a natural approach including acupuncture, clinical nutrition, botanical medicine and more, naturopathic physician Dr. Lisanti, will assess the best program that specifically fits into your lifestyle. His detailed treatments will have you lifting more weight, running further distances and performing with the precision you are capable of, all from a fine-tuned, chemical-free, healthy body.

Acupuncture: The Athletic Performance Enhancer
When your system is not firing on all cylinders, chances are there is a stagnant or stuck energy that is holding you back. Acupuncture is a respectable and reputable tool used to bring the body’s energy channels back to optimal performance. It can ease muscular pain, increase circulation, eliminate spasms and improve ligament and tendon challenges. While training for your weekend softball league or trying out for a professional sports position, IMS acupuncture sessions in conjunction with its regimented herbal, nutrition and homeopathic remedies can assist you in building muscle, storing glycogen and preparing your body for extreme energy output. Dr. Lisanti will work with any disruption in your yin-yang balance to re-set it back to its best possible energy execution.

Botanical Medicine:
By using plant derived formulas, IMS has been able to administer proper, safe dosages of specific botanical medicines such as herbs and herbal tinctures to relieve and enhance athletic performance issues. Some anti-inflammatory approaches, for instance, may include ginger, curcumin and Jamaican dogwood. In addition, topical applications such as arnica, capsacium and certain Chinese herbal plasters may be used for swelling, bruising and muscle fatigue.

Nutraceutical Supplements:
Vitamins, minerals and enzymes can all be useful to increase athletic performance. Dr. Lisanti may prescribe a regiment of glucosamine with chondroitin and msm or increase your vitamin D, calcium and omega-3 intake to strengthen your joints and surrounding tissue. He also may use a successful therapy called proteolytic enzymes which scavenge the system for inflammatory enzymes.

At Integrative Med Solutions, we will design an acupuncture: naturopathic treatment program that works for you.  In many cases, insurance covers portions of the treatment. Allow us to support you to achieve optimal health.  To make an appointment or find out more about how acupuncture can benefit you, please call our office at 914.337.2980  914.337.2980 or click here to schedule an online appointment.

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