Being challenged by weakened joint pain due to arthritis seems like an inevitable part of aging or other uncontrollable factors.

With a naturopathic and acupuncture approach, much can be done to relieve and manage these challenges allowing you to embrace your mobility rather than dread it.

The causes of arthritis vary however they are usually associated with:

  • Age related “wear and tear”
  • Autoimmune disease which is when the body mistakenly attacks healthy tissue
  • Trauma such as a broken bone
  • Bacterial or viral infection
  • Environmental Factors

A 2009 study by the Center for Disease Control reported that 1,162,000 Americans suffered from arthritis. Today, the number is most likely higher with over 100 types afflicting people across the globe. Stiffness, inflammation and swelling are just some of the struggles associated with this disease. Fortunately, IMS offers several remedies to embrace, manage and sometimes even heal symptoms of arthritis using natural techniques such as acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy and nutritional supplementation.

This is another centuries old practice originated in the Far East. It was discovered when soldiers who were superficially shot with arrows seemed to miraculously experience a reduction of pain in areas that had been chronic problems. A trained acupuncturist, Dr. Lisanti will target your arthritis location as well as other spots throughout your body that relate to the stuck energy that may be contributing to your pain.

Homeopathy for Joint Health
Homeopathy is an age old natural science that uses plant, mineral or animal material specially prepared to enhance healing. It is usually administered by sweet pellet form under the tongue or a tincture/liquid formula. By visiting IMS and receiving a detailed, in-depth evaluation, a direct protocol can be coordinated with additional therapies to begin your path to less pain and more mobility.

Clinical Nutrition
Clinical nutrition is the precise practice of adding or subtracting specific foods from your diet that may be beneficial or harmful to your condition. This approach can have profound effects on your arthritis simply by receiving a list of food choices to adhere to.

Environment and Toxicity
Depending on where you work and live, environmental surroundings can often be a slow drain on your body. Invisible toxic substances can leach into your system causing many bodily complications including arthritis. A detoxification program individually designed by Dr. Lisanti, can rid your body of many of these toxins (such as heavy metals) to get your system back to optimal performance.

Relieve your joint suffering by scheduling your naturopathic or acupuncture appointment with Dr. Lisanti of Integrative Med Solutions (IMS).  It is with the intention of inspiration and integrity that our highly trained doctor creates customized health plans that synergize the best of healing arts with contemporary natural medical science. IMS is located in Eastchester, New York with close proximity to New York City (also via Metro North railroad), Southern Connecticut and parts of New Jersey. Please call us at 914.337.2980 to make an appointment or feel free to email appointment queries to