Acupuncture for Indigestion and Hyperacidity
Acupuncture for Indigestion and HyperacidityIndigestion/Hyperacidity can be mild to severe with the latter possibly indicating a more serious internal challenge such as stomach ulcers. Causes that aggravate this condition include spicy and oily foods, sedentary lifestyle, stress, coffee, alcohol, certain pharmaceutical or over-the-counter drugs, smoking, disease and sometimes as a side effect of anesthesia.

In conventional medicine, it is dealt with by administering mild anti-acid medications to H2 receptor antagonists, proton pump inhibitors or antibiotics. Although generally effective, at Integrative Med Solutions (IMS) a different approach is taken. It is the safe and often highly valuable remedy of acupuncture and naturopathic medicine.

Acupuncture: Taming the Gut
Using acupuncture points to help the stomach re-align wayward energy can be beneficial, especially when combined with naturopathic remedies. A combined Brazilian study conducted by Rio Preto Medical College and Sao Paulo Federal University found that a control group of pregnant women who had never had indigestion/hyperacidity or acupuncture responded favorably. Dr Joao Bosco Guerreiro da Silva, lead author of the study, said, “Although small, this study suggests that acupuncture can relieve symptoms of indigestion that are pretty common in pregnancy…Acupuncture can be effective. It is safe and simple to apply and every pregnant woman can be treated.” Points that may be administered by licensed acupuncturist Dr. Lisanti include: Pericardium PC6 located in the middle of the inner wrist; Back points Bladder BL23 and BL47 and Stomach ST36 located on the upper, outer shins.

Botanical Medicine: Nature’s Heartburn Remedies
IMS works with many botanical medicines that are wholly embraced by the body to relieve indigestion/hyperacidity symptoms. Some top choices are: fennel, papaya, aloe vera, lemon- balm, dill, chamomile, ginger and mint.

Nutraceutical Supplementation: Strength and Healing through Supplements
Dr. Lisanti is trained in the safe and precise administration of supplements such as vitamins, minerals and enzymes that can significantly improve acidic symptoms. There are probiotics which are ‘friendly’ live cultured bacteria found in yogurt or taken orally that assist the gut in maintaining an optimal environment for proper digestion. Boosting the system with enzymes can also help. Those that breakdown such things as dairy, protein and carbohydrates often include lipase, amylase, lactase and protease.

Clinical Nutrition: IMS and Your Food
IMS can determine how your nutrition intake may be causing your challenged digestive symptoms. According to your habits and history, detracting or adding certain foods may help considerably. In fact, according to the U.S. Library of Medicine, “…choosing fruits and vegetables that have low acidity and high fiber, like sweet potatoes, apples and celery, will help soothe away indigestion and help your system work better to stop it next time.”

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