The main difference between a visit to a conventional or allopathic doctor is the way we regard you as an expert on your own body. We recognize your personal knowledge and astute awareness of your particular health concern. This is where we start, with your internal intelligence and not our external assumptions.

From there we explore the story of you and your environment to discern what details are relevant to your care. Our doctor will ask a variety of interview questions; perform in office diagnostics, review blood tests and imaging technologies like ultrasound and CT scans, similar to what other doctor’s use for assessing one’s concern.

Our doctor can and will refer patients with acute illness or emergencies to conventional medical doctors when appropriate or necessary. Typically visits with our ND are much longer than those with an MD; the patient is encouraged to explore and express their thoughts and does a lot of talking, the naturopathic doctor listens intently. The patient is coached and empowered to be an active and responsible participant in their wellness plan. Our naturopathic doctor will work to create an in-depth understanding of each patient’s condition, as well effectively communicate important information to other healthcare providers participating in the patient’s care. Essential to such a comprehensive evaluation is the in-depth initial consultation, usually lasting 60 minutes, followed by a 60 minute follow-up consultation to discuss Health Recommendations and Protocols. At IMS we treat you as part of a cosmic dance that happens once and for all and never again. You are a unique phenomenon to be assessed with patience and curiosity – much like a piece of art. By attending to the underlying rhythms that govern your well being, we simply polish off your already perfect design and set you free to dance to the song of your choice.

Please download the following form before your first visit to see our naturopathic and holistic doctor. Our Health History Questionnaire is thorough and may take some time to fill out. Please note that you may need to consult medical records or speak with family members to answer some of our questions. Download our Health Questionnaire. If you need to install Adobe PDF Reader on your computer, you can download it for free here.

Welcome. The initial consultation creates a soft, encouraging backdrop for our comprehensive health assessment. We start with a relaxed interview session on the story of your current health concerns, a standard review of personal medical history, function of organ systems, current lifestyle routines and dietary habits. As well, we may require basic physical examinations, in-office diagnostic procedures, a detailed family history, and a list of current medications, supplements, herbs or anything else. Lastly, we will help clearly define one’s personal health goals at the time for the future. Following this primary consultation, we carefully review and research each case in order to develop a refined personalized Health Recommendation Plan and Protocol before your follow-up consultation.

During your follow up consultation we explore various options for naturopathic medicine specifically tailored to you through our Health Recommendation Plan and Protocol. We carefully ensure that by the time you leave you’re an expert on this custom plan and that you feel inspired to begin. We always leave plenty of time for questions. The plan may also recommend additional therapies such as acupuncture, hypnosis, movement classes, and personal coaching. Together, we decide which best fit into your current lifestyle. It’s important for us at Integrative Med Solutions that you feel empowered to make decisions about your health and healing process. In synergistic discussions we discover together what next steps to take towards your increased wellness.

Follow-up consultations are carefully scheduled to continue the ongoing conversation about your health. These are used to monitor your progress, continue to educate, and, if necessary, refine and expand the current plan of your care. As you regain a sense of vitality our consultations will focus on health maintenance through the development of a personalized prevention plan that continues to fund your life goals as defined from the beginning. The frequency of your consultations will depend on the pace of your progress, the type of therapy you chose and the amount of support you need to implement your plan of care.

At Integrative Med Solutions, we will design a naturopathic treatment program that works for you.  In many cases, insurance covers portions of the treatment. Allow us to support you to achieve optimal health.  To make an appointment or find out more about how a naturopathic treatment program can benefit you, please call our office at 914.337.2980 or CLICK HERE to schedule an online appointment.