Women’s Multi-Vitamin
These three women’s multi-vitamin formulas approach biological support through age-specific markers. By targeting these markers at each female stage, balanced nutritional growth, maturation and maintenance can be attained. Each formula is preservative free and does not contain any fillers such as starch, soy, milk, wheat or corn.

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  • Women’s Symmetry – This is an overall multi-mineral/vitamin supplement that allows full systemic absorption using high quality, peak potency, hypoallergenic ingredients for women in their late teens to early forties.
  • Mid-Life Symmetry – As a woman advances into the middle of her physical as well as mental life journey, this formula follows suit. Geared toward 50 to 65 year old females it contains curcumin anti-inflammatory compounds, vitamin D2, calcium bone support and anti-oxidant green tea leaf extract.
  • Senior Symmetry – Senior women need specific vitamins and minerals to support a higher quality of living. It includes additions such as gingko biloba and rhodiola rosea extract for memory strength, essential digestive enzymes, citrus bioflavonoids and magnesium.

Science encourages multivitamin use regardless of a handful of adverse reports. Harvard School of Public Health refuted reports of the lack of effectiveness of a daily multi-vitamin stating that, “When it comes to micronutrients, many Americans get less than the adequate amounts, according to criteria set by the Institute of Medicine.” Supporting multivitamin use, a study from the Archives of Internal Medicine of 38,772 women found that ‘several commonly used dietary vitamin and mineral supplements may be associated with increased total mortality’”.  Use multivitamins according to your naturopathic doctor’s recommendation regarding age, health history and any contraindications.

To purchase Women’s Multi-Vitamin

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