HypnoBirthing is a series of self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques that allows a woman to approach pre-birth parenting, consciousness of the pre-born baby, nausea, stress, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum depression as a less fearful, less painful experience. The technique consists of retraining the mind to shed the instilled apprehension associated with pregnancy and childbirth. By shutting down the ‘flight or flight’ response, HypnoBirthing enables a woman to learn to control what would otherwise result in restricted blood flow, clenched muscles and pinched breathing all leading to a stressful episode that has the potential to negatively affect the mother as well as the baby. The Journal of Family Practice, May 2001, reported, “Hypnotic preparation for labor and delivery can be an effective intervention in: 1) reducing the number of complications, 2) reducing surgical interventions, 3) reducing length of postpartum hospital stay.” HypnoBirthing is a way to promote a calm, soothing, deeply relaxed state in which the conscious mind ‘gets out of the way’ so the subconscious mind can lower stress hormone release resulting in a much calmer, connected and enjoyable outcome. Learn to take control of the mental anguish that has been passed down from generation to generation as a ‘painful right of passage’ and turn it into the complete opposite. Harness the power of your natural birthing capability the way it was meant to be experienced. Calm, loving and fearless.

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