Fish Oil
Fish oil has been found to be an important supplement and Eskimo PurEFA is a top of the line formula. It guarantees the highest purity of cold water, ocean dwelling fish free of the toxic levels of dangerous levels of pollutants hidden in so many other brands.

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Eskimo PurEFA has been rigorously tested and cited in “more than 50 independent, peer reviewed, published clinical trials and studies and more than 100 scientific papers.” It is also completely gluten free, contains no enhancing chemicals (often added to fish oil supplements to increase eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) levels), and is dairy, yeast, sugar, salt and corn free.

It contains essential omega-3 fatty acids (including EPA and DHA) which have been found to support and strengthen specific bodily functions such as:

  • Acts as a potent anti-inflammatory
  • Improve cognitive skills
  • Assist in weight reduction
  • Improve mood
  • Enhance cardiovascular function (lowers trigycerides)
  • Assist in muscle health
  • Prevent degenerative eye disease

Many studies have backed the above results of a daily regimen of fish oil supplements. Some findings include:

  • The University of Pittsburgh found “a significant relationship between omega-3 consumption in children and cognitive scores in children ages 6-16, especially in the females.”
  • Nutrition expert Dr. Rob Wildman reports, “Regular, long-term consumption of fish oil is critical to lessening exercise induced inflammation.”
  • Washington University and the University of Nottingham conducted an 8 week fish oil study on men and women regarding muscle assessment. They described their finding as “fish oil significantly increased muscle protein production in response to eating protein and carbohydrate.”

These are only small examples of the unique health benefits of fish oil. In such a fast paced society with an abundance of just as fast, packaged and processed foods it is no wonder that more people are becoming nutritionally deficient. Many believe they are eating healthy when in reality they are often robbing their system of a variety of essential, life sustaining and healing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and more. Incorporating a fish oil supplement can only enhance your quality of health and assist in tissue repair, immune support and other system wide requirements.

Fish oil supplements should always be used according to your naturopathic doctor’s recommendation and guidance regarding age, health history and any medical contraindications that may apply.

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