Digestive Enzymes
The digestive system is ground zero for optimal health. If it is challenged or even unable to mechanically and chemically break down foods, many problems can arise. Its sole purpose is to extract nutrients and energy from ingested food, transport them into the bloodstream and then into every system cell to sustain homeostasis. This process relies on specific enzymes to carry out its routine. Although certain foods offer enzyme support and the body is capable of producing some (primarily trypsin and chymotrypsin for protein break down), nowadays given unreliable food sources and age related challenges, a digestive enzyme supplement could be extremely helpful. Two formulas can be considered, one for general eaters (Digestzymes) and one for vegetarian eaters (Tyler Similase). These are the highest quality concentration of many digestive supporting ingredients including the three major enzymes to break down proteins (protease), fats (lipase) and starches (amylase)

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  • Digestzymes – This formula is for omnivores (those who eat animal and plant based foods). In addition to protease, lipase and amylase it also includes Betaine HCI which acts in a similar fashion to hydrochloric acid the powerful stomach enzyme responsible for extreme digestive break down.
  • Tyler Similase – Vegetarian friendly ingredients make up this diverse enzyme formula of plant based, acid-stable (active in both acid and alkaline conditions) compounds capable of stomach and intestinal support.

Some symptoms of a compromised digestive system can include such reactions as bloating, excessive gas, acid reflux, indigestion, weak immune system (resulting in continued illnesses such as colds, allergies, etc.), excessive belching, inflammation, malnutrition, abnormal bowel movements and acute or chronic stomach pain. The National Enzyme Company (NEC) commissioned research to study the benefits of enzyme support and found that, “The enzymes improved the bioavailability of both proteins and carbohydrates in the lumen of the small intestine, not only under impaired digestive conditions, but also in healthy human digestion”, according to Dr. Rohit Medhekar, director of the National Enzyme Company.

Overall, including a digestive enzyme at each meal can strengthen the digestive process, increase nutrient absorption and assist in the elimination of harmful, immune compromising toxins.

Digestive enzyme supplements should always be used according to your naturopathic doctor’s recommendation and guidance regarding age, health history and any medical contraindications that may apply.

To purchase Digestzymes (general eaters) please CLICK HERE.

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