Heavy Metal DetoxificationHeavy metals affect the body on a cellular level and can be a hidden cause of chronic ailments, unexplained pain and in some cases, disease. Toxic metals are found in our food, water, air, environmental pollution and medical/dental procedures.

Thankfully, in many cases the use of mercury in dental fillings has been replaced by composite non-metal material however some dentists still use metal fillings. In addition, scores of adults continue to live with a mouthful of mercury from past procedures.

One metal filling contains a combination of 50% mercury, 35% silver, 13% copper and small amounts of tin and zinc. According to the World Health Organization daily mercury absorption from silver fillings is 3 to 17 micrograms per day. Some research goes further, suggesting an alarming 40 micrograms per day from one filling. Heavy metals in the body can lead to physical as well as mental degeneration especially when undetected causing the patient to spend years on unnecessary prescription drugs. By interrupting the metabolic conduit of a healthy cell, heavy metals have been attributed to dementia, Alzheimer’s, autism, Candida, cardiovascular disease, joint inflammation and hypothyroidism to name a few.

Heavy metal detoxification is not nearly as front and center in conventional medical practice. However, in naturopathic medicine it is a common approach to beginning a path toward less suffering.

Getting Tested
A naturopathic doctor can administer up to four tests to determine the level of heavy metals in your system.

  1. Blood – This test can identify chronic exposure but does little for detecting metals stored in soft tissue. Combining information from the below tests as well as a personal assessment may pinpoint compromised soft tissue areas.
  2. Urine and Stool – Current exposure is found in body waste. This can give a naturopathic doctor a clue as to what metals you may be absorbing on a daily basis.
  3. Hair – Long term exposure is best identified by testing hair samples. This reveals possible deeply embedded toxins and may help establish the proper healing protocol.
  4. Provocation Testing – This practice has a good determination factor. It works by taking a baseline urine sample and then another after a detoxification remedy is administered. This way it shows if metal was present and if the remedy is successful in its first attempt.

Liver and Kidney Support
The two organs that are constantly overrun, dealing with a laundry list of toxins, are the kidney and liver. Because of their filtering and cleansing mechanics everything you breathe or ingest finds its way to these organs. Therefore to detoxify these areas first, before honing in on other more stubborn areas such as muscle groups and the gastrointestinal tract, is often a recommended beginning. Using Chinese, western botanical medicine’s, and formula specific nutraceuticals, your naturopathic doctor will monitor your weekly progress.

Some naturopathic liver and kidney detoxification techniques include:

Chelating Therapy
As a response to the use of bio-chemicals in World War I, chelating agents were established in the medical field. Before alternative medicine became involved most of these agents were and continue to be derived from strong, chemically based remedies. Much research has been done and the naturopathic medicine community has responded with their own formulas in the form of herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. A naturopathic doctor is an excellent resource to carve out a proper personalized protocol for naturally removing heavy metals from your body.

Herbs, Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals for Heavy Metal Detoxification
Properly administered supplements can start one level of the heavy meal detoxification process. These remedies should be determined and monitored by your naturopathic doctor to be certain of avoiding any contraindications regarding current physical or mental status as well as any medication you may be taking.

  • Milk Thistle – An excellent liver detoxifier that also protects red blood cell membranes.
  • Cilantro (Chinese parsley) – Currently, cilantro has become widely popular for its healing properties. It helps eliminate mercury from the body and restores body cells to normal functioning. Sprinkle it on your salads and soups whenever you can.
  • Chlorella – This is a gentle chelator that contains cellulose and microfibils in a three layered cell wall which support heavy metal detox.  Green algae is a potent source of chlorella that can be added to juices or shakes.
  • Magnesium – Many people are lacking in this important mineral that is an integral part of supporting your immune system. It helps dissolve calcium in arteries and tissues putting it back into circulation and supports the removal of lead and aluminum.
  • Methionine – This protein based amino-acid is a natural chelating agent found in beans, fish and grains.
  • B6 – A vitamin found in legumes, fortified cereal, meat, fish and some fruits and vegetables is recommended as an additional supplement after a dental procedure to prevent heavy metal contamination.
  • MegaH – A silica mineral-hydride complex with embedded H ions that increases the conductivity of water in your body lowering the cell fluid surface tension. This helps in toxin removal.

Avoid Heavy Metals
There are ways to decrease your exposure to heavy metal toxicity. Here are some tips:

1.      Replace mercury-silver dental amalgams.

2.      Drink clean filtered water.

3.      Avoid fish and shellfish or if you must eat it try to get organic, certified mercury-free seafood.

4.      Get a HEPA air filter for your home and spend time in rural, outdoor settings.

5.      Buy organic food and clean thoroughly.

6.      Choose to live a good distance from industrial areas.

7.      Remove your shoes at the front door.

Acupuncture for Heavy Metal Detox
By increasing blood and lymph circulation, acupuncture is a highly effective addition to the aforementioned remedies. It is beneficial in removing toxins and waste from the system. Points usually include kidney and liver meridians.

Free yourself from heavy metal toxicity and schedule your naturopathic or acupuncture appointment with Dr. Fred Lisanti of Integrative Med Solutions (IMS). It’s with the intention of inspiration and integrity that our highly trained doctor creates customized health plans that synergize the best of healing arts with contemporary natural medical science. IMS is located in Eastchester, Westchester County, New York with close proximity to New York City (close to the Metro North railroad Tuckahoe stop), Southern Connecticut, and parts of New Jersey. Please call us at 914.337.2980  to make an appointment or feel free to email appointment queries to info@intmedsolutions.com.

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