Homeopathy for Lyme Disease TreatmentAs summer winds around the bend, many people are beginning to step out of their everyday routine to take some much needed downtime. Many of these vacations involve hiking, biking, camping and more within and around nature. One of the top risks of many of these tree hugging activities is the toxic bite of the black legged tick (aka deer or Lone Star tick). If this tic is infected with the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and unsuspectingly burrows into your skin, chances are you will acquire Lyme’s disease.

Named after a mysterious outbreak of child arthritis near Lyme, CT. in 1975, this disease has the potential to cause a myriad of subtle to severe symptoms not connected with Lyme’s. It often makes the sufferer endlessly search for unrelated, ineffective remedies putting their mind and body through much unneeded stress.

The Great Pretender
It is estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that annual cases of Lyme’s disease in America number around 40,000. The symptoms are so erratic and unpredictable however that they can confuse even the best health professionals.

Some of these symptoms include:

  • Fever, fatigue, iritis (inflammation of pupil muscle), headache and rash (known as erythema migrans which can erupt in a ‘bullseye’ shape which is often misdiagnosed as ringworm).
  • Infection of joints, nervous system and/or heart.
  • Mimicking Fibromyalgia, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Parkinson’s or even Alzheimer’s.

If the first set of symptoms erupt and the patient has been exposed to a woodsy environment they should be immediately tested. Early intervention is paramount to combating the rapidly manifesting capability of Lyme’s disease. Conventional medicine will approach this affliction with a protocol of heavy antibiotics, possibly an anti-inflammatory and in some cases an additional prescription of sleeping medication. It is an aggressive approach that has the potential to wreak havoc on internal organs such as the kidneys and liver. Traditional medicine such as homeopathy attempt to rid the body of the serious effects of this spirochete (spiral shaped bacteria) without any residual damage.

Homeopathy Targets Lyme’s
Homeopathy is the practice of like-cures-like aka law-of-similars. It uses the safe, highly diluted formulas of various natural materials that, if taken undiluted, would cause similar symptoms correlating with a specific disorder (as well as be unsafe). The dilution allows the body to accept the ‘vibration’ of the plant, animal, mineral or even actual diseased material to ‘burn out’ the targeted affliction. It is similar to forest firefighters starting a fire to stop another rapidly moving fire causing the two to engulf one another and die.

In the case of Lyme’s disease these below remedies may be used to correlate with the detailed history in which the patient reports.

  • Arsenicum album – Arsenic trioxide
  • Borrelia burgdorferi nosode – Lyme disease bacterium (like-cures-like).
  • Carcinogen – Carcinogenic substance such as tumor material.
  • Lac caninum – Dog’s milk
  • Ledum – Evergreen shrub
  • Mercers – Elemental mercury
  • Syphilinum – Syphlitic virus
  • Thug Occidentalis – Evergreen tree known as Northern White Cedar

Only a trained homeopath can effectively prescribe homeopathic remedies at the allotted dosage level. It is a process that takes an intuitive talent to be able to successfully remedy such maladies as Lyme’s disease. Self dosing, even if one feels they have become an effective self-taught amateur homeopath, is not unsafe but because of the high potential for misdiagnosis can make it more difficult to treat the affliction down the road.

Self-Case Study: A Scientist’s Discovery of the ‘Unheard Of’
Below are several passages taken from a published self-case-study by PhD and author Genia Pauli Haddon. She describes an elongated struggle with great pain not knowing it was the symptoms of Lyme’s. These passages show how a conventionally trained scientist describes her experience with discovering the surprising healing capability of homeopathy which her industry had long considered ineffective. Interestingly, she writes of relapses which is often a sign of progress while treating symptoms with homeopathy. Haddon also mentions the importance of each individuals ‘constitution’ which is their specific physical and mental makeup and how it can  sometimes be knocked off balance when using powerful, pharmaceutical protocols. In due time, if a patient has valid guidance by a capable homeopath, not only can the symptoms disappear and the constitution remain in tact but the root cause could be eradicated as well. This approach often eliminates future outbreaks which have the potential to occur if treated conventionally.

“This was my first experience with homeopathic remedies, and my husband and I were astonished at how each dose of those little sugar B-Bs produced almost instantaneous relief of both pain and redness, lasting for several hours. Far better than the Prednisone ointment, and without side-effects! This dramatically effective introduction to homeopathy convinced me that, regardless of whether anyone understands how homeopathy works, the fact is that it does. I no longer care whether or not it fits my scientific preconceptions about what is impossible”

“Progress was slow at first. Relapses were discouraging. Again and again, I had to remake my decision to stay away from antibiotics and stay with homeopathy. I also resorted to acupuncture several times for pain, with good short-term results.”

“With deep-seated, chronic conditions like Lyme, the picture is even more complex. Here, besides considering your specific symptoms of illness, the homeopathic doctor pays attention also to your constitutional makeup. By offering a remedy that will bring your deep constitution into better balance, the hope is that your own system can begin to cope more effectively with the illness. The result of using the right remedy is a deep-level rebalancing and strengthening of the underlying constitution. In contrast, usual prescription drugs increase stress on the constitution, even if they do wipe out the bug causing an acute illness. This results in a more fragile balance at the constitutional level, and greater susceptibility to the next illness – or relapse. This is why antibiotics are “against life,” not merely against the germs.”

Treating the seriousness of Lyme’s Disease must not be done irresponsibly. A professional naturopathic doctor trained in homeopathy or a sole homeopath will know when conventional medicine must be used to intervene. He or she should closely monitor, guide and advise during the homeopathic protocol making sure that all is progressing according to each individual’s constitution. Sticking with the protocol, as mentioned above, is essential to a targeted success.

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