As pathogens emerge at every turn and the weather wavers, teeters and roars your immune system could be struggling more than you’d like. This is why it is imperative to create a plan that keeps your natural forcefield and your vulnerable vitality running on all cylinders. The opportunity to regulate your health and energy through simple nutritional choices can be a huge advantage.

Using clinical nutrition, the therapeutic use of foods and specific vitamins, minerals, and enzymes through nutraceutical supplementation can be a useful combination. It is an easy way to get a handle on your optimal health that may have you motoring through the summer (and beyond) with less stress and more energy than ever before.

Following Suit

Re-evaluating your diet and nutritional intake is basically re-learning the wise instincts of cultures such as the American Indian. By simply paying attention to the animal kingdom, Native Americans could decipher remedies that can still be applied today. Following some age old principles while being guided by a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist may surprise you at the abundance of life-power you could be missing out on.

All it takes is a new commitment to your relationship with food along with specific nutraceutical adjustments as supplemental boosters. Looking at the nutritional practice of past cultures is to follow suit of the rich dietary choices proven, through historical records, beneficial to overall health.

Physicians Still in the Dark

A clinical nutrition protocol that is right for you may not be found through your physician or even a Western trained nutritionist. Most medical professionals are taught to fix patients as prevention may, in the long run, threaten the long lucrative lines of an ailing, obese populous.

A study of plant based diets and the education of conventional doctors published in The Permanente Journal (Spring 2013) concluded that,

“Too often, physicians ignore the potential benefits of good nutrition and quickly prescribe medications instead of giving patients a chance to correct their disease through healthy eating and active living. If we are to slow down the obesity epidemic and reduce the complications of chronic disease, we must consider changing our culture’s mind-set from “live to eat” to “eat to live.” The future of health care will involve an evolution toward a paradigm where the prevention and treatment of disease is centered, not on a pill or surgical procedure, but on another serving of fruits and vegetables.”

Even as nutritionists use highly skilled learning to assist patients, it seems that overall, missing the complexities of individual systems remains an unaddressed obstacle.

In the conclusion of a report by Unite for Sight a global health not-for-profit visual support organization, the study of conventional nutrition and the media frenzy that sometimes accompanies it is scrutinized,

“Though nutrition studies have the potential to add important perspectives to public health, they are fraught with many pitfalls. Nutrition studies often use inaccurate methodology and suffer from self-recall bias. In addition, nutrition studies tend to be sensationalized in the media. It is therefore important to scrutinize a study’s methodology and determine if similar studies have been done in order to ensure their validity and accuracy.”

A Naturopathic Medicine Approach with CCM

Committing to a holistic solution that can increase your energy while boosting your immune system is to commit to many common sense applications. A trained naturopathic doctor will assess your health through a variety of markers that may include your skin tone, tongue color, eye health, pulses and lifestyle.

This is an assessment that is highly effective when derived from the ancient teachings of Classical Chinese Medicine, something most conventional doctors and nutritionists are unaware of. Even as far back as 240 BC, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine (the Neijing Suwen) a foundation of CCM still rings true today, stating,

“These days, people have changed their way of life. They drink wine as though it were water, indulge excessively in destructive activities, drain their jing – the body’s essence that is stored in the Kidneys – and deplete their qi. They do not know the secret of conserving their energy and vitality. Seeking emotional excitement and momentary pleasures, people disregard the natural rhythm of the universe. They fail to regulate their lifestyle and diet, and sleep improperly. So it is not surprising that they look old at fifty and die soon after.”

Sometimes modern, conventional medical applications become so far removed from traditional medicine that the original capability and intent becomes skewed. Taking a step back and looking through the lens of clinical nutrition and nutraceutical supplementation combined with other naturopathic choices such as acupuncture and botanical medicine allows for revisiting the foundation of good health.

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