Acupuncture is Shown to Slow Heart Disease while Naturopathic Remedies Help Prevent ItA 2010 study out of Heidelberg University Hospital, headed by cardiologist Dr. Johannes Backs,  found acupuncture capable of playing an important role in slowing heart disease. Approximately 250,000 people die per year from heart failure, a condition that over time results from high blood pressure or other subtle to overt trauma to the heart. Specific acupuncture points were chosen throughout the study that targeted peripheral factors associated with heart disease and heart failure.

These factors included the reduction of inflammation, enhancing strength and stimulating or soothing the parasympathetic (rest & digest) and/or sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous systems. The results showed that acupuncture increased physical stamina (a major challenge for heart patients) and because of this, more physical activity could occur thus strengthening the heart.

Dr. Backs and Dr. Arnt Kristen (author of the study) explain in a press interview as reported in Natural News:

“…previous studies have shown that the ability of heart failure patients to tolerate exercise is independent of the pumping function of the heart and appears to stem primarily from the muscles. Inflammation chemical messengers in the blood are increased in chronic heart failure and that’s what makes muscles tire easily, causing extreme fatigue…The blood level of a certain messenger, tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF alpha) actually drops after the real acupuncture treatment (placebo studies were compared). Since TNF alpha leads to a reduction of muscle mass and muscle strength among other things, this would explain the positive effect (of acupuncture) on skeletal muscle function.”

The doctors went on to explain that each of the targeted points used during the study positively responded. They found that when heart disease leads to heart failure the autonomic nervous system (and adjoining nerve transmitters) becomes completely unbalanced resulting in accumulated negative effects. Acupuncture was found to re-balance the system by reducing inflammation, influencing the sympathetic system and boosting the parasympathetic (increasing strength). Points that may have been used in the study include Spleen 6, Stomach 36, Large Intestine 5, Governing Vessel 26 & 36 and Bladder 13.

A Naturopathic Response to Conventional Medicine and Heart Disease
Several studies have shown how adverse effects from certain synthetic conventional drugs (primarily the use of statins) resulted when used to attempt minimizing heart disease through such things as lowering cholesterol and thinning blood to reduce clotting. One study conducted by researchers at the University of Massachusetts and published in the Archives of Internal Medicine (AIM) 2012 found that all statins were linked to an increased risk of developing diabetes by 48% in women age 50 to 79. Taking aspirin to prevent heart disease was also debunked in a UK study in AIM 2012 as well stating that it “increased the risk of serious stomach bleeds by 30% but only decreased the risk of “cardiovascular events” (nonfatal heart attacks and cardiovascular death) by 10%.”

Naturopathic medicine offers the naturopathic doctor a variety of choices on how to approach heart disease. Thorough clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, nutraceutical supplementation and more a healthy heart can be attained even if it is already in the throes of degenerative heart disease or factors leading to such. Several studies support a holistic, traditional medical approach to heart health.

Go Nuts!
University of Scranton (PA) researchers compared the healing effects of polyphenols, the compound antioxidant found in raw and roasted nuts (as well as two types of peanuts). These polyphenols were found to prevent LDL oxidation which has shown to play a major role in clogging arteries with built up plaque. The best nut was the walnut followed by the Brazil nut then pecans, raw pistachios and roasted hazelnuts however almost any type of nuts can help.

Plus, after a few handfuls hunger pangs disappear so weight gain is actually thwarted rather than increased which many consider nuts to do. So go nuts for heart disease!

Aminos and Botanicals and Nutraceuticals, Oh My
Keeping our heart healthy everyday may not only increase your lifespan it can surely help with many challenges such as fatigue, stamina, sleep and more. Sticking to the age old formula of eating low on the food chain along while implementing a valid exercise program is paramount, however adding in a cocktail of nutraceutical supplements could boost your longevity chances even more. Below is a formula of some amino acids, herbs and vitamins that just may help you fight the good fight. NOTE: Always consult with your naturopathic doctor before taking any alternative remedies.

  1. Magnesium orotate – This mineral has been shown to normalize blood pressure and reduce arterial tension.
  2. Coenzyme Q10 – Described as a ‘vitamin-like’ substance, Coenzyme Q10 is essential for aerobic cellular respiration which is critical for energy production. Cholesterol lowering drugs have been shown to deplete this nutrient.
  3. Acetyl-L-carnitine – An amino acid that boosts heart cell energy.
  4. Hawthorne extract – Derived from a thorny shrub in the rose family, Hawthorne has been used for centuries to combat heart problems “ranging from irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, chest pain, hardening of the arteries, and heart failure”,  according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.
  5. Ribose – This organic compound has been found to provide extra energy to the heart especially in those suffering from heart disease.

Whether used as a preventative protocol or to assist in healing, acupuncture and naturopathic medicine could allow your body to embrace a solution rather than be forced to accept one. By working side by side with a naturopathic doctor your quality of health just may increase exponentially. Some heavy hitters agree:

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” -Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine 2,500 years ago.

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” –Thomas Edison

“It is time for the general acceptance of the concept that even in some terminal cases, our bodies can be given essential building blocks [oxygen, electrolytes, minerals, enzymes, amino acids] to repair and reconstitute every living cell within a span of 11 months.” –Everett L. Storey, the Scientist Albert Einstein called “a genius.”

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