Acupuncture and Environmental Medicine For Optimal HealthSince the Industrial Revolution, the interaction between the environment and human health has grown more challenging. With a booming global population comes more demand for things such as housing construction, faster transportation and rapid food distribution. These demands continue to bring about a variety of toxins which could make their way into your body through water, land, and air infiltration.

Environmental Concerns and Choosing the Best Remedy

The accumulation of continued exposure to environmental toxins could pose future health risks that in many cases are addressed by conventional medicine with little concern for or knowledge of the root cause of environmental sources.

Researchers from Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran published findings in Journal of Environmental and Public Health stated that,

“Numerous studies have exposed that environmental particulate exposure has been linked to increased risk of morbidity and mortality from many diseases, organ disturbances, cancers, and other chronic diseases.”

Using a more traditional approach that includes acupuncture and environmental medicine could help purge your body of chemical and sometimes natural intruders absorbed from your surroundings. This can include heavy metals, parasites, skin irritants, allergens, UV radiation, mold, smoke, and free radicals to name a few.

In addition, these remedies along with other naturopathic therapies could also be used as preventative measures to avoid environmental toxin accumulation.

Points of Release

Acupuncture can enhance the benefits of environmental medicine by opening up pathways needed to detox and strengthen your system.

In 2014, Healthcare Medicine Institute reported that,

“Scientists have discovered that acupuncture prevents toxins from damaging the lungs. In an incredible investigation, microphotographs reveal that bilateral electroacupuncture at acupoints ST36 [upper shin] and BL13 [upper back] successfully protect the lungs from endotoxic shock when exposed to injurious toxic exposure.”

Specific acupuncture points for environmental toxin detox are utilized throughout your body with some located directly on the ears. Known as the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association or NADA protocol, this approach has shown significant benefits in toxic

detoxification as well as addiction relief using the application of five points on the outer surface of the ear. The points used in the NADA protocol are Sympathetic, Shen Men, Kidney, Liver, and Lung.

Environmental Medicine Care

Conventional medicine attempts to fix your diseased or damaged body through pharmaceutical manipulation and/or invasive surgery. Environmental medicine is rarely a path that a western trained physician would consider due to the fact that there is nothing remotely conventional about it.

In an editorial published in Environmental Health Perspectives (9/05), environmental medicine is described as,

“…the evaluation, management, and study of detectable human disease or adverse health outcomes from exposure to external physical, chemical, and biologic factors in the general environment…a full range of clinical, epidemiologic, and environmental health science skills [] shed light on the environmental exposures and complex causal pathways that underlie the pathogenesis and progression of disease.”

By being able to detect what toxins you have been exposed to, a practitioner of environmental medicine will then construct a detailed alternative treatment protocol. This may include not only the highly beneficial results of acupuncture but also further naturopathic therapies such as clinical nutrition which can introduce foods high in antioxidants and botanical medicine that uses herbal remedies easily utilized by your body.

An Environmental Medicine Case Study

I addition to a systemic assessment, environmental medicine looks at the surrounding habitat of the afflicted patient. A case study published by Dr. Connie Basch of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine shows an example of an environmental medicine approach.

27-year-old woman, 4 months postpartum, presents with chronic:

  • Headache – throbbing, frontal
  • Increasing irritability; minor things make her angry
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Worse in the evenings

Assessment shows:

  • Uncomplicated pregnancy
  • No medications or allergies
  • No in-home tobacco
  • Supportive non abusive husband; feels fine
  • Baby feels fine
  • Upon leaving home for vacationing, subject feels better
  • Hobby – Silk screening

The last intake is the clue to the environmental cause.

It turns out that this woman was exposing herself to tetrachloroethylene, a toxic chemical found in the cleaning substance she used for her hobby and inhaled in small doses. She was essentially poisoning herself daily.

Recommendations of an acupuncture and naturopathic protocol, improved ventilation and respiratory protection eliminated symptoms almost immediately.

This is one example of the many ways acupuncture and environmental medicine can work hand-in-hand to determine and treat often unknown afflictions dismissed or misdiagnosed by conventional medicine. At Integrative Med Solutions, we will design an acupuncture and environmental medicine treatment program that works for you. In many cases, insurance covers portions of the acupuncture treatment. Allow us to support you to achieve optimal health.  To make an appointment or find out more about how acupuncture and naturopathic medicine can benefit you, please call our office at 914.337.2980 or CLICK HERE to schedule an online appointment.

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