We start with the premise that your body already knows what it needs. Our job is to facilitate that information rising to the surface of your consciousness and to encourage the body’s natural instinct to heal itself. We concentrate on relationships: between you and our doctor, between you and your own health, between various treatments and your lifestyle.

At Integrative Med Solutions®, we know you are unique and require tailor-made therapies. We also know that the most valuable things we can offer you is time to listen to your concerns; compassion for the impact this issue has on your life and expertise in designing a personalized plan for your condition. It’s through our deep commitment to understanding your unique set of health concerns that we create integrative solutions that are custom fit, realistic and effective.

Underneath it all, our work stems from a philosophy that heart-centered compassion is the source of all forms of healing. And we ensure that all our clients feel this gentle, non-judgmental acceptance as soon as they enter our sacred space.