Numerous microorganisms are working in your body at any given time to support and balance your health. In this week’s edition of our “Growing by Knowing” series we’ll look at how to treat and prevent conditions that lead to yeast infection, which affects 75 percent of women in the course of their lifetime.

Candida or yeast is a natural dweller in the system. Vaginal yeast infections can be triggered by various environmental circumstances that are especially risky during warm months. This is why it’s so important to know how and why the troublesome condition presents itself and what steps can be taken to resolve the imbalance naturally.

How to Identify a Yeast Infection
Symptoms of yeast infection include redness, itching and burning around the vagina, odorless white vaginal discharge that may look like watery cottage cheese, pain during sexual intercourse, and/or burning with urination.

Yeast infections can mimic urinary tract infections or sexually transmitted diseases, which is why it is so important to get an accurate diagnosis from a medical professional before pursuing a course of treatment independently. It’s especially important to consult your doctor if you are experiencing your first instance of symptoms of yeast infection or if you are pregnant or diabetic.

Why Do Yeast Infections Occur?

Pregnancy, menopause, hormonal birth control and steroids can shift estrogen levels in such a way that your body is unable to manage candida proliferation. In pregnancy, yeast infection can lead to premature delivery, and low birth weight.

Antibiotics are often at the root of a sudden outbreak of yeast infection. For example, a woman may take antibiotics for the treatment of acne or a urinary tract infection and the antibiotic kills off the friendly lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria that helps keep candida in check.

Warm, moist conditions allow for the proliferation of yeast. Strive for a dry environment, especially in summer when sweaty exercise clothing, wet bathing suits, panty hose, and tight jeans are all especially risky.

Uncontrolled diabetes – Sugar is food for candida, so it’s important, whether you are affected by diabetes or not to maintain a stable blood sugar level.

Immunosuppression – As with all illness, a strong immune system is a major player in keeping imbalance at bay. Chronic lack of sleep, insufficient vitamin A in the diet, and more can suppress your immune system’s ability to keep candida in check.

How to Treat Yeast Infection
Teaming up with a ND has its benefits, especially when it comes to treating yeast infection. The personal approach taken by holistic practitioners and at Integrative Med Solutions, allows you to pinpoint the source of the problem and treat that source directly. Women experiencing their first infection are often unaware of how the condition came on and end up suffering chronically, because of superficial diagnosis.

In one case, a young woman, I’ll call her Sherry, enjoyed a summer holiday swimming, laying in the sun, and jogging. The following week, Sherry experienced her first symptoms of a yeast infection. Through discussion we were able to pinpoint the conditions that triggered the problem: an extended period of warm moist conditions in the area affected. A switch to fresh 100% cotton garments between activities was recommended, and Sherry was given a course of acidophilus capsules to re-establish normal intestinal and vaginal bacteria balance. Without due conversation into Sherry’s lifestyle, her yeast infection could have turned into a long battle. Instead, we were able to discuss her habits and support her lifestyle while wiping out her presenting complaint. In essence, Sherry increased her knowledge of her own body and took her health into her own hands to avoid future infections.

“Sherry increased her knowledge of her own body and took her health into her
own hands to avoid future infections.”

Every yeast infection crops up within a unique set of circumstances, and we at Integrative Med Solutions appreciate that your need is to be recognized as a guide. This is why we develop personalized modalities for those who come to us. With a proper diet, herbs, and a good topical treatment, most women can expect to be on top of the battle in a month’s time.

Preventative Measures

  • The acidophilus bacteria used in the treatment of Sherry’s infection are also found in yogurt. Live-culture yogurt like Stonyfield Organic Yogurt or yogurt by Culturelle is an excellent way to introduce a preventative measure into your diet.
  • Going on a low sugar diet promotes immune health across the board and denies candida the fuel it needs to multiply. This includes cutting out excess consumption of carbohydrates.
  • Consuming a healthy variety of food delivers the vitamins and minerals your immune system needs to stay strong.
  • Staying dry is a smart way to avoid triggering an infection. Keep Sherry’s experience in mind this summer while you are working out and enjoying water parks, beach trips, etc.

Treatment Measures

An immune support supplement is an excellent way to boost your body’s ability to restore health. Vitamin A, Echinacea, and goldenseal may be used independently or in combination, depending on your needs for 4-6 weeks.

Soy or red clover extract help to promote vaginal estrogen balance.

Women experiencing yeast infection should not have intercourse, as the infection can be passed between partners.

Garlic is one of the best things to take for yeast infection, because it is an antifungal and immune-boosting herb. To get the most out of garlic’s healing components, capsules with 4,000 milligrams of allicin-alliin (the antifungal agent in garlic) should be used.

Oregon grape root extract, tea tree oil extract, and lavender extract are proper treatments when the candida problem is found to be rooted in the intestines. An alternative practitioner is able to prescribe a supplement that contains all of these extracts.

Consulting IMS: When you know the reason for your infection, treatment becomes straightforward and edifying. Contact Dr. Fred Lisanti to learn how you can begin to feel relief and suffer no longer!

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