Clinical Hypnosis - Studies Show Health BenefitsWhen someone hears the word ‘hypnosis’, almost instantly visions of a turban wearing, watch dangling soothsayer emerge. What most do not realize is that hypnosis can actually be used as a healing tool, able to forge through the everyday conscious, ego driven mind and attempt to open up many of the body’s powerful therapeutic capabilities. In this format it is called ‘clinical hypnosis’ which goes far beyond the entertainment aspect of the craft and instead offers a pain-free approach for dealing with health challenges.

Below are a combination of study results that cover some of the many health benefits of clinical hypnosis. It is the opinion of health professionals like Dr. David Spiegel, director of the Center on Stress and Health at Stanford University School of Medicine and a leading authority on hypnosis that continues to bring this age old practice out of the Dark Ages and into the light of valid health options. Dr. Spiegel comments to the New York Times, “It [clinical hypnosis] is an effective and inexpensive way to manage medical care,”

For some, clinical hypnosis is a choice remedy when they are at the end of their rope. Having attempted every conventional medical approach for their particular health struggle, with little or no results, clinical hypnosis offers an alternative. For others, it is the go-to remedy that enables them to take control of their health while somewhat allowing themselves to relinquish control to get there. Either way, clinical hypnosis is a safe, valid therapy that may even surprise pre-conceived notions of even the staunchest skeptic.

Pre-Surgery Jitters
For some patients, the stress and anxiety that accompanies any surgical procedure can be a major obstacle. In fact, a study published by The Internet Journal of Anesthesiology (2010, Vol.9, No.10) concluded that, “The incidence of preoperative anxiety in this study with the VAS [visual analogue scale] is 34.4%. However, 90.4% of the study participants admitted that they had one or more [pre-surgery] anxieties.” Years before these statistics it was already shown how clinical hypnosis could alleviate preoperative surgery anxiety. Radiologists at the Harvard Medical School published a 2000 report that showed “…patients who received hypnosis during surgery required less medication, had fewer complications and shorter procedures than patients who did not have hypnosis. In a follow-up study in 2002, the radiologists concluded that if every patient undergoing catheterization were to receive hypnosis, the cost savings would amount to $338 per patient.” (New York Times 4/15/11)

You may have been through scores of over-the-counter (OTC) and/or prescription remedies to alleviate any number of digestive difficulties. One common ailment of the digestive tract is irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Symptoms of this condition include cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea and constipation. Clinical hypnosis along with a dietary readjustment could be just the one-two punch you may need to alleviate this condition as well as other gastrointestinal challenges. A study by researchers at the Department of Medicine, University Hospital of South Manchester, Manchester, UK published their findings, ‘Long term benefits of hypnotherapy for irritable bowel syndrome’, with the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health (NIH). The conclusion stated that, “This study demonstrates that the beneficial effects of hypnotherapy appear to last at least five years. Thus it is a viable therapeutic option for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.” The study involved 204 people suffering from IBS. Treatment consisted of 12 weekly sessions of hypnosis (lasting about one hour each). 58% of the men and 75% of the women reported significant symptom relief immediately after finishing treatment. More than 80% of those who reported initial relief were still improved up to six years later. (American Pyschological Association)

Hot Flashes
Menopause brings many uncomfortable symptoms for women. Hot flashes are a major complaint presenting as sudden onset of intense warmth mostly throughout the neck, face and chest accompanied by a deep red presentation with profuse sweating. Duration can last up to one hour once per week, once per day or in severe cases, hourly. The Mind-Body Medicine Research Laboratory, Baylor University, Waco, TX conducted a randomized controlled trial of how clinical hypnosis affects women suffering from hot flashes. Their conclusion stated, “Compared with structured-attention control, clinical hypnosis results in significant reductions in self-reported and physiologically measured hot flashes and hot flash scores in postmenopausal women.”

Chronic Pain
There is often a mystery behind chronic pain that eludes the most talented conventional practitioners. Yet, these medical professionals try their best using an arsenal of pharmaceuticals attempting to alleviate such pain the best they can. This often means taxing the body with powerful drugs that may bring a range of side effects. Researchers from Texas A & M University College of Medicine and Scott and White Clinic and Hospital, Temple, Texas and the University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, Washington studied ‘Hypnotherapy for the Management of Chronic Pain’. They found that, “…hypnotic interventions for chronic pain results in significant reductions in perceived pain that, in some cases, may be maintained for several months. Further, in a few studies, hypnotic treatment was found to be more effective, on average, than some other treatments, such as physical therapy or education, for some types of chronic pain.”

Clinical hypnosis just may be the alternative therapy you never even knew existed. If you are open-minded enough chances are your desired goals may be achieved. At Integrative Med Solutions, we will design an acupuncture and naturopathic treatment program that works for you. In many cases, insurance covers portions of the acupuncture treatment. Allow us to support you to achieve optimal health. To make an appointment or find out more about how acupuncture and naturopathic medicine can benefit you, please call our office at 914.337.2980 or CLICK HERE to schedule an online appointment.

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