Acupuncture for Foot PainFoot pain is a common presentation that can be due to a variety of causes. These may include work related fatigue, diet, trauma, age, or a genetic anomaly such as flat feet.

According to the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, the North West Adelaide health study concluded that,

“Foot pain affects nearly one in five of people in the community, is associated with increased age, female sex, obesity and pain in other body regions, and has a significant detrimental impact on health-related quality of life.”

There is also foot pain that may be a sign of other health concerns which may include:

  • PAD – Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is the accumulation of fatty tissue which can reduce blood flow to your lower legs and feet.
  • RA – Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease that may present as severe foot pain.
  • Diabetes – The buildup of glucose in your blood could cause diabetes which may result in foot pain.

Conventional medicine offers orthopedic intervention as well as medication, cortisone shots or surgery. However, acupuncture may be a better choice to avoid expensive, time consuming, often side effect related approaches and instead attempt to remedy your foot pain at the root cause.

Acupuncture looks at the whole individual to determine peripheral causes as well as moving stuck or sluggish energy that could be impeding optimal function at the pain related site. In the case of foot pain, acupuncture may address points in the ankle, dorsum (top) of the foot as well as other areas throughout your body. These other areas may relate to additional causes of foot pain such as poor circulation, being overweight or possibly a highly acidic system that has been linked to symptoms of gout and inflammation presenting in foot joints.

Nerve De-tangler
Foot pain can sometimes be caused by a disruption of nerve function throughout the ankle, Achilles, dorsum and the plantar (bottom) location of the foot, particularly the ball. It is here were the diagnosis metatarsalgia is sometimes applied.

Metatarsalgia is chronic trauma to the interdigital nerves or a disorder of the joints. Research of acupuncture for this condition was published in Acupuncture in Medicine (May 1997) reporting that,

“… metatarsalgia may be treated effectively by acupuncture alone and should now be recognized as a suitable form of conservative treatment for this condition.”

This conclusion was considered after only three acupuncture treatments which lasted at least one year for trial subjects, even those with joint pathology.

Addressing a List of Foot Concerns
Acupuncture can enhance energy stimulation to the feet when the body is withholding circulation  to the area. There are a variety of conditions that this stimulation may address and, in many cases, acupuncture has been found to considerably reduce pain, inflammation and/or heal symptoms altogether.

This list is a combination of common complaints that many people suffer with on a daily basis but never even consider acupuncture as a treatment. In fact, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, there are approximately 4.8 million foot related visits to the doctor’s office per year.

Now, using acupuncture before conventional medicine or after exhausting all conventional treatment, including surgery, are being reported. These below conditions may be significantly improved by acupuncture treatments.

  • Heel spurs – Pain in the heel can arise at any time and is often due to an accumulation of calcium deposits on the calcaneus (heel) bone. Acupuncture has shown to break up these deposits and allow full mobility.
  • Bunions – The first joint of the big toe takes a lot of wear and tear and for some this can take its toll in the form of a bunion. This is when the joint becomes severely inflamed making the ability to walk a challenging experience. Acupuncture reducers this inflammation allowing the body to resume circulation for proper healing.
  • Arthritis – A lack of internal lubrication and soft tissue protection causes inflammation and pain called arthritis. Acupuncture has a long history of addressing this issue and, with continued maintenance, enables movement with limited or eliminated pain.
  • Plantar fasciitis – Another common condition, plantar fasciitis, affects about 1 out of 20 people and presents as pain in the bottom of the foot, particularly the heel. A study by the Department of Orthopedics and the Department of Anesthetics, Bedford South Wing Hospital, UK concluded that, “Our study demonstrates that acupuncture is effective in treating patients with chronic heel pain due to plantar fasciitis…”
  • Morton’s Neuroma – Deep pain between the bones of the front portion of the bottom of the foot may develop into a swelling inflammation growth or even a tumor of nerve tissue. The Center for Morton’s Neuroma reports that, “Acupuncture may serve to break down the scar tissue formation; thereby promoting tissue rejuvenation. Various clinical and research studies indicate that acupuncture may accelerate the connective tissues of the joints to restore strength and endurance.”

Acupuncture for foot pain may be the best approach to the many conditions that may affect the feet. It allows the body to embrace acupuncture’s attempt to move energy from the area and deliver healing compounds.

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