A lipoma is a painless, non-cancerous (benign), harmless, slow growing sponge-like growth between the skin and muscle. It can develop anywhere in the body but is often found on the head, neck, back and shoulders. It does not dissipate on its own and can be treated by conventional medicine with steroids or surgery. However, lipomas […]

Our joint system is an integral, everyday set of essential tools often taken for granted. The lower portion experiences the brunt of weight bearing activity while the upper half continues to twist, turn, lift, push and pull throughout the day. Among the many afflictions these joints can fall prey to, frozen shoulder is a painful, […]

If your jaw is popping, impeding closure, or in constant pain you may be suffering from a variety of jaw related issues including TMJ or temporal mandibular joint disorder. If this pain is not addressed, worsening symptoms could occur including varying facial pain, chronic headaches, earaches and/or toothaches. Conventional medicine addresses jaw pain by attempting […]

Hives, technically called Urticaria, can present at any given time. For some, the presentation of red, swollen, itchy skin eruptions are a common occurrence while others struggle with a sporadic bout. The cause can be found in many culprits such as environmental toxins, food allergens, insect bites, medicine side effects, anxiety, or a clue of […]

Snoring can be an annoying condition but it may also be a sign of something more serious, such as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is when someone stops breathing for short intervals of time while they are sleeping. This lack of breathing comes and goes throughout the night never waking the person up but could result […]

Whether it’s a few flakes or a chronic problem, dandruff can be an embarrassing condition. It also may be a way your body is trying to alert you to anything from an subpar diet to a scalp condition that just might get serious unless you do something about it. Acupuncture, nutraceutical supplementation and botanical medicine […]

Sciatica can be really painful. So much so that when you are experiencing the deep electrical shocks and muscle soreness it sends through your body all you want to do is lie down and never get up. The sciatic nerve is as thick as an extension cord. It runs from the lower spine to the […]

Living your life like a candle burning at both ends can take its toll. Fatigue and stress may eventually create some health challenges that could be avoided. Seeing your conventional practitioner often results in some sort of pill fix that may be accompanied by side effects and an overall temporary remedy. Using naturopathic medicine to […]

Motion sickness happens when the body, the inner ear, and the eyes send conflicting signals to the brain. For some people, moving by land, air or sea could have its challenges. Not only can business or vacation travel be physically and mentally exhausting, but add in motion sickness and it can be highly uncomfortable. This […]

Regurgitating sharp, acidic, gastrointestinal gas or fluid can be very uncomfortable. This is often a sign of acid reflux or sometimes the more serious development of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). It affects about 44% of the US adult population at least once per month with about half struggling with acid reflux once per week. It […]